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3D-GEO has the ability to improve the understanding of your reservoir and enhance the value of your developments. Combining the skills available within 3D-GEO, projects can be undertaken that integrate geoscience, engineering and economics to provide the most appropriate solutions to maximise your asset value.

3D-Geo specialists
deliver QI Geophysics
products including


AVO and Pre-stack inversion. We process field data for QI purposes or with our ongoing collaborative partner. Such results can be incorporated into our reservoir development, our 3D geostatistical work flow. Multiple outputs are focused on risk minimisation of reservoir effectiveness, seal effectiveness and fault stability. Each of these can be individually output as a risk volume or convolved into a full field risk volume.


The experience available within 3D-GEO, ensures a service that can offer innovative technological advice and expertise at all stages of the reservoir management cycle.

A complete evaluation of a reservoir and facilities can be performed for proposed developments, producing fields and redevelopment projects. Development and production projects include the management of complete reservoir studies, from initial evaluation of log and core data, interpretation of 2D or 3D seismic, full integration of petrophysical analysis, reservoir modelling, history matching and ultimately development planning and process/facilities engineering.

3D-GEO has the world’s largest group of well site biostratigraphy, reservoir geology, structural geology and reservoir geochemistry specialists. These skills are focused primarily at horizontal and highly deviated wells.

Specialist geophysical processing expertise can be utilised to enhance reservoir identification and laboratory services can provide specialist services for core and petroleum analysis. Control and management of data is an issue with large quantities of information being generated during development and production activities. Petroleum data management provides services to archive and enhance the value of your data.