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Your oil and gas company has worked hard to secure new exploration acreage and acquire new seismic data. But who has the time or experience to interpret the data and evaluate permit prospectivity.

3D-GEO personnel have been responsible for permit operations throughout Australia (Exmouth, Carnarvon, Browse, Vulcan, ZOCA, Bonaparte, Bass Strait), PNG, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Pakistan, Oman, the North Sea, and Canada. Exploration evaluations have also been conducted in New Zealand, Philippines, Brunei, China, Cambodia, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Iran, West Africa and the Gulf of Mexico.

The 3D-GEO team has proven skills in 2D and 3D seismic interpretation and 3D structural data analysis leading to the development of geological models on a regional and prospect scale. We test and develop structural interpretations using a seismic and structural approach utilising a combination of software from Paradigm, Schlumberger, Petrosys and Midland Valley.

Prospect volumes and potential resources can be assessed deterministically or probabilistically. Geotechnical risks can be evaluated at a basic or detailed level.

To evaluate source risks, 3D-GEO can map the migration pathways at the time of hydrocarbon generation. We structurally restore, decompact and predict paleo-water depth for reservoir or carrier horizons.

Perhaps your permit is situated within a complex foldbelt. 3D-GEO staff have extensive field experience. We optimize the collection of field data to avoid expensive repeat visits. We can digitise data and generate computer models in the field to identify critical data collection areas.

A preliminary interpretation of your permit can generally be conducted within 1 month, following a proven geotechnical workflow and well developed project management tools.