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Every organisation recognises the need for readily accessible quality data to support its business goals. But how many of you can say you have your data in perfect order? How many of these problems do you recognise?

•    We are not sure what we’ve got, where it is nor what format it is in.
•    The 80/20 rule – our trained interpreters are spending the bulk of their time finding/accessing data, not working on it.
•    Rubbish in, rubbish out – despite phenomenal advances in hardware and software applications, the answers we get out of them are only as good as the quality of the data input.
•    Too much of our corporate memory is on two feet – if they walk out of the door we don’t know where everything is.
•    Data storage is costly and often duplicated.
•    Downsizing makes it impossible to address many of our data problems.
•    and so on......

The answer is simple – pass on the problems to a data specialist. 3D-GEO has the experience and capability to supply complete INTEGRATED DATA MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS for all petroleum data types.