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3D-GEO can enhance the value of your exploration acreage through interpretation services tied to analytical evaluation of petroleum data. The non-exclusive data and products available as existing reports, speculative seismic, digital datasets and in our regional technical experience. The worldwide expertise and skills available within 3D-GEO’s geological services and reservoir engineering groups cover all the main disciplines required for interpretation and analysis and can be used to integrate your data into the known petroleum systems and play fairways, plus evaluate the potential for new plays.

Optimisation of the geological, geophysical and engineering evaluation can be achieved through using the 3D-GEO integrated interpretation services whose specialists will recognise where analytical techniques will assist in reducing risk on your prospects e.g. geophysical processing, geology, structural geology, reservoir geology, biostratigraphy, geochemistry, etc.

When your prospect is ready to drill 3D-GEO can provide services to prepare for the well, generating the geological and engineering prognosis. Well-site and post-well services include geology, biostratigraphy, geochemistry and petroleum engineering. Particular expertise is in the evaluation of horizontal or highly deviated wells.

Exploration data, generated through geophysics or drilling, can be organised and archived onto compact media, then stored securely utilising 3D-GEO petroleum data management services.

Many petroleum agreements today specify technology transfer programmes and/or training commitments for national personnel involved in all aspects of petroleum operations. This issue is particularly important to developing countries who can take the opportunity to significantly advance the expertise of its nationals. However with the oil company's own staff tied up with operational tasks, the additional burden of training and technology transfer can be difficult to handle. 3D-GEO has the experience and capability to organise, construct and supervise training programmes that can be accommodated in your offices or at 3D-GEO’s Petroleum Technology Training Centre, often based on the project data.