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Click Here to download this map in KMZ format.

In-house, 3D-GEO holds numerous projects that cover all basins across Australia and Asia.

When 3D-GEO completes such a project the intellectual property of the products is owned by the client. The regional surfaces match the data in time and depth; in contrast to datasets that exclude seismic data. 3D-GEO supplies all projects with interpretation and extrapolated products. Most groups within the geotechnical arena; from petroleum, geothermal, hydrology, energy resources and earth monitoring would be interested in various outputs related to 3D-GEO workflows and products.

Such teams would be able to leverage off these products to develop policies and frameworks related to injection and extraction of resources and provide departmental quality control of proposals. If you would like further information please contact 3D-GEO via email from info@3d-geo.com