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3D-GEO can provide geological and geotechnical support for exploration, development and engineering programs in the petroleum, geothermal, coal, minerals and construction industries. Our Geotechnical Solutions are well grounded with over 150 years of combined geotechnical experience across the AustralAsia Region.
Our ability to integrate and manipulate various disparate datasets into a single cohesive 3D model has recently been recognised by the Victorian State Government through award of a major tender to build a "Geologic Framework" for the entire Gippsland Basin. This Framework will provide a strong baseline for future Petroleum Exploration and Carbon Storage projects.

• Advanced visualisation of complex 3D datasets, including attribute modelling for seismic stratigraphic & fault seal interpretations
• Basin analysis and flow modelling to identify key storage targets
• Reservoir Volumes and Injectivity
• Structural-Seismic geology problem solving for CCS planning
• Seismic sequence stratigraphy, palaeogeography
• Phased exploration strategies to high-grade acreage
• Use of Oil Industry and other datasets to map basins in detail; Data Integrity and Quality Control, 2D and 3D seismic interpretation, structural and facies mapping
• Seismic inversion, AVO and integrated chimney modelling tied Fault stability, seismic risk and reservoir distribution
• GeoChem review of Hydrocarbons, Source Rocks and Water Samples
• Engineering and HydroGeology
• 4D GIS dataset compilation including geostatistical modelling