3DGEO-Chem is managed by Jim Preston, a Petroleum Systems Analyst with 20 years of specialist geochemical and basin modelling experience within the industry. 3D-GEO Chem has been involved in petroleum systems analysis in numerous basins across Australia and South-East Asia, both as stand-alone, geochemically oriented studies and as part of larger geotechnical evaluations. Services offered by 3D-GEO Chem include all aspects of petroleum systems analysis within sedimentary basins, on both basin-wide exploration and reservoir scales, including:
(A) Petroleum Geochemistry
involving the interpretation of all types of analytical geochemical data, from basic source rock evaluation to the detailed characterisation (and correlation) of reservoired gases, oils and hydrocarbon shows, and their application to:
(B) Burial History and Thermal Modelling
for the estimation of the degree and timing of source rock maturation basin-wide, and of the migration patterns and volumetrics of the predicted hydrocarbon charge, using state-of-the-art modelling software.
(C) Training
in all the important elements of petroleum systems analysis (including source rocks, hydrocarbons and modelling), customised as required.