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3D-GEO offers complete structural modelling from regional interpretation to micro fracture analysis. Our Structural geologists and geophysical experts use combinations of field work, potential field modelling, seismic interpretation, well profiles and measured and recorded stress data to create 2D plan and cross sections and 3D models of geothermal fields. 

3D-GEO has created regional structural models of basins and foldbelts around the world, onshore and offshore, and in passive and active terrains. These models have been used to successfully constrain previously undefined geothermal fields.   

The expert geophysicists at 3D-GEO specialise in generating structural models in areas with limited or poor data by the implementation of techniques such as geophysical inversions and neural network inversion modelling. These techniques are designed to refine data and attribute known aspects of the geology to help attribute the unknown. This process has recently been employed in southeastern Australia in which potential field inversions were used to define structurally controlled sediment distribution patterns in a geothermal province with shallow wells, limited and attenuated seismic data sets and limited surface expression of the reservious units.