Geophysical Interpretation Print E-mail

3D-GEO specialises in interpretation and integration of seismic, potential field surveys and remotely sensed imagery. Aspects of this work include:

• Detailed seismic interpretation from basic horizon picking at a regional scale to detailed structure at permit and field levels

• Geophysical manipulation and inversion of magnetic, gravity and seismic surveys. This technique has been used in basin terrains and fold belts to define subsurface features such as depth to basement, refining density contrasts and vertical extent of structure

• Neural network inversion modelling of seismic surveys in which the mechanical properties of the seismic are analysed to refine interpretation and to highlight zones of potential interest. This work has been used to define gas chimneys and facies variations, as well as refine structural features to aid with micro fracture interpretations. This technique is useful in defining the lateral extent of reservoirs and migration pathways of reservoir fluids

3D-GEO has a strict data quality control in which all geophysical data is intensely scrutinised before being included into a project.